Financial Responsibilities
    Tuition – Tuition is $ (please email for rate) every month. Payment is due by the 10th of the month.
           Fees – Fees for festivals, competitions, etc. through the year will be billed as they occur.
            Music – Throughout the year I will buy music for your child and you will be billed accordingly. If you would like additional music or help choosing music for your child, please feel free to call.
            Illness – Please call as soon as possible when your child is ill and will miss a lesson. Lessons missed due to illness (the student’s or mine) will be made up. If I have given you an acceptable make-up time but you choose not to come, you are still expected to pay for that lesson. If both parties have made an earnest attempt to make up the lesson but do not succeed, the lesson will be made up the week of May 22 – 24, 2023.
            Vacations – Lessons missed due to vacation will be made up the week of May 22 – 24, 2023 (or sooner, if possible).
            Other Activities –  I have reserved a certain time each week for your child, so if he/she does not attend the lesson due to reasons other than illness, you are responsible to pay for that time.
            Assuring your child’s success in piano lessons is dependent upon correct and consistent practice habits. In order for students, parents, and the teacher to experience success, the following are my recommendations:
 Arrange a set time for your child to practice and insist on it being kept.
 Provide a practice setting free from distraction (sibling, TV, etc.).
 Check on your child’s practice progress during the week.
 Make sure your child brings all of the correct music and materials to the lesson in a music folder or tote bag.
 Check the lesson book for communication from the teacher and to help your child follow the directions for practice.
 Make sure your child finishes all written assignments and is prepared for each lesson.
 Arrive on time for all lessons.
Additional Notes
 Please park on the street. Please do not park on the driveway as this blocks my family from getting in and out.
 Parents with younger students – please come to the studio to pick up your student. I cannot see the street from my studio and I want to be sure that your student gets home safely.
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