These videos are to help guide student practice at home.  I have many more videos than you see below.  Please ask if you do not see the one you need here.

Links to Piano Safari Repertoire Book 1 Videos

Links to Piano Safari Pattern Pieces Book 1 Videos

Links to Piano Safari Animal Adventures Videos

A Royal Invitation by Wendy Stevens

A Waltz to Remember by Glenda Austin

Arpeggios in Two Octaves

Ballade by F. Burgmuller

Barn Dance by Wendy Stevens

Capriccietto by William Gillock

Chimichanga Cha Cha by Jennifer Linn

Clip Clop by Carolyn Miller

Eagle’s Flight by Randall Hartsell & played by Randall Hartsell!

El Conquistador by Catherine Rollin

Festive Dance by Carolyn Miller

Going Places by Dennis Alexander

Hurry Scurry by Robert Vandall

Lady Brittany’s Ballad by Martha Mier

Legend of Madrid by Faber

Matador by Carolyn Miller

Mazurka Op. 68 No. 3 by Chopin

Medieval Fair by Nancy Faber

Minuet en Rondeau by Rameau

Morning Snowfall by Carol Matz

On A Train by Frank Lynes – on YouTube

PBJ Blues by Carol Klose

Prelude in E Minor by Chopin – on YouTube

The Queen’s Royal Entrance by Faber

Remember Me from Coco

Rhythm Machine by L. F. Olson  

Rio Rhumba by Melody Bober Secondo

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rotini by Wendy Stevens

Rondoletto by Christian Brunner

Sarabande by Catherine Rollin

Slippin’ Around by Martha Mier

Sneaky Sam by Melody Bober

Sonatina in F Major by Beethoven

Sonatina in G Major by Beethoven

Starry Night by Carol Matz

Stormy Seas from Piano Safari

Sultan’s Ride, The by Lucy Warren

Sword Dance by L. F. Olson

Tambourine Dance by Martha Mier

That’s the Way it Is

Unicorn Gliding by Wendy Stevens

Wish Upon A Star by Catherine Rollin