iPad Apps:

  • Piano Maestro:  this app is full of songs of all genres and levels.  It will help improve your student’s sight reading and their steadiness.  The app recognizes your piano (no cords!) or it can be played on a midi keyboard (with a cord).  And… it’s all done like a game!
  • ForScore:  this is my favorite app for reading music on my iPad.  Scan your music as a pdf, load it onto your iPad and you are good to go.  Turning pages is as easy as tapping on the right or left side of your device.  Even better – get a wireless page turning pedal and turn pages with your foot.  I use this one:  AirTurn Duo.
  • NinGenius: a very fun note naming app.  For $9.99, you can use this in your studio and have a separate account for each student.
  • Note Rush:  another note reading app.  This one can be customized and you answer by playing the correct note on your piano.  No cords needed!!
  • Music for Little Mozarts:  This app is great for beginners.  Students can play most of the games on this app from the very first day of piano lessons.
  • iReal Pro:  Need a band to practice with?  This app will provide that.  Just type in the chords, pick a style and tempo and away you go!
  • Tempo:  There are many metronome apps out there.  This one has many great features in it:  tap to pick a tempo, tuner, and will subdivide the beat.



  • Mrs. Smith’s YouTube Channel:  Students:  you can find all of my listening lists here.
  • Metronome:  There are many online metronomes.  Here is a good one.
  • Dennis Alexander:  One of my favorite composers.  You can listen to Mr. Alexander play many of his pieces here.
  • Making Music Fun:  There are lots of free goodies on this website: composer bios, coloring pages, sheet music and more.  Some are free, but for a reasonable yearly fee, a teacher can download and print any of their materials for all of your students.