Here are upcoming events that you should know about:
1.  Saturday, Feb. 17th – Piano Performance Class – 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. – in my studio.  This is the last chance for many students to perform before the Spring Recitals.  Please let me know if you are unavailable to attend.
2.  Monday, Feb. 19th – Presidents Day – Monday students – if you have this day off from school, you are welcome to schedule an earlier time.  Otherwise, I’ll expect to see you at your regular time.
3.  Saturday, March 10th – KTA Evaluation Festival – See information here (please note, not everyone is participating in this event):  Event Information
4.  Studio Spring Break is March 26 – 30.  If you need a make up lesson, it can be done that week, as of now, because I currently have no plans to travel.
5.  Spring Recitals:  There are 2 recitals – April 20 & 27 (Fridays at 7 p.m.)  Here is the list of students for each recital:
April 20th 
Aiden C.
Sophia C.
Emma M.
Kyra B.
Genevieve E.
Naomi E.
Emma B.
Alex VK
Lily VK
Abbi VK
William R
Tari K.
April 27th
Nathan K.
Emilly K.
Rebecca R.
Lewis R.
Silas R.
Ellen R.
Peter R.
Karen R.
Nicky U.
Natalie U.
Shreya K.
Nithya K.
Further details about the recital can be found on my Events Information page.

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